Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Technology Controling Our Health

With technology being the center of my generation's lives, it's no wonder that technology has started to affect our health in more ways than we could ever image. Until recently, it was very uncommon to meet people online, but now it seems like the normal, and along with meeting new people, people are meeting an increased number of STDs. 
According to a study done by health researchers in Utah and Rode Island, hookup apps are the main reason for the jump in STD rates. Since 2013, there has been a 33% increase in the amount of HIV cases caused by these apps. These apps increase someone's chances of having multiple partners, which is one of the main ways that STDs can be spread. 
I think that if American citizens want to maintain their health, the use of hookup apps should be kept to a minimum. This problem was not as prevalent ten years ago. If the use of hookup and dating apps continue to be popular, the health of Americans is just going to keep diminishing, and the cases of STDs are going to continue increasing. The increase in cases of STDs just shows how influential technology has become in our lives. Not only is it consuming our time, and money, but it is also starting to affect the health of America in ways we probably didn't think it would. If we don't cut back on hook up apps, then the problem will only get worse, especially because technology is becoming one of the main factors in our daily lives, and it is only getting more popular. 

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  1. Hi Devon,

    Couldn't find a link to a fave post so I assessed this one, with its very interesting subject matter!

    I had no idea that this was a trend. But I wonder if this kind of recommendation from you is a retread of the "abstinence only education" of the past? Will Americans simply use these apps less because of the rising STDs? Or could there be a different approach, assuming that the use will only continue to rise?